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Termite Control

Termite control is a necessity in our area. Subterranean termite pressure in the Pee Dee is among the highest in the nation. Many property owners are experiencing this first hand with extensive termite infestation and damage.

At Harris Pest Control Inc. we have been protecting homes against termite infestations since 1973. Our trained technicians evaluate each customer’s property to determine the best control program. We use the best material and treatment programs in order to guarantee to protection of the treated

This not only builds value in the property but gives our customers the peace of mind they need.

Our trained technicians carefully inspect each property to determine the levelof termite infestation and best treatment options.

Liquid Option
A liquid termiticide treatment involves applying a liquid termiticide, such as Termidor SC (Suspended Concentrate) to the soil underneath and adjacent to a home to create a protection barrier.

Bait Option
A bait treatment is an excellent approach to termite control. A bait product suchas the Sentricon Colony Elimination System eliminates the termites that areattacking a structure safely and with miinimaldisturbance to your property.

Continuous Protection... We Guarantee It!
At Harris Pest Control we make every effort to provide the best sub. termite warranty in the area. We offer service and damage repair warranties that provide protection for as long as the renewal fee is paid. If the property is sold the warranty can be simply transferred to the new owner.

We Write It Down
Our annual inspection reports are among the best in the business. Each inspector has been thoroughly trained to identify any conditions that can lead to property damage. Not only do we report any termite issues but we also note concerns, such as beetle activity, wood moisture problems, plumbing leaks, standing water and bad air ducts. These inspections are scheduled at your convenience.

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